About Us

Our company has started its activity in the year 2010, at the Fushe Kosova industrial zone, in Prishtina. Our facility consists of 15000 m2. The main building has an area of 5500 m2, where we have put 8 Super Corona Liga pistols, all of which is connected and commanded by the computer robot.

In order to fulfill our costumers’ requests, in December 2012 we have build a new 1100 UST fully automated production line. We plan to expand into European market in the near future and to fulfill European requirements and standards.

Based on our current production orders, for 2015 we plan to start aluminium melting in our own factory in order to get the raw material needed to lower the production costs, therefore to lower the price for our customers.

We are proud to be the first aluminium factory in Kosovo, thus we do understand that we bear a large responsibility.


We tend to improve our work process furthermore, while maintaining a team work culture, in order to reach the highest quality products, based on European aluminium industry standards.


– Focus on customers’ requests.
– Respect the environment, the nature, and the society.
– Extended communication to support the human resources, to help develop their creativity.
– Efficient use of all resources.
– Integrity towards our clients and suppliers

We expect that our trading and social relationships will always be based on mutual trust, good manners, and honesty.


Our 1100 UST has a capacity of 3600 tons per year. Our goal is to reach the full potential, with all the required features (0.100gr/mt-2000 gr/mt).

We possess a modern technology which had past all the required technical and natural tests.


Our goal is to achieve the full painting capacity of aluminium profiles with 2500 tons per year, based on European standards.